Who are We?

Optimum Dealer Services

Optimum Dealer Services is a company dedicated to providing premium products and services to its members. Optimum is your eyes and ears for the latest products and superior services from vendors who will help you save money and increase dealership profitability.

What Do we Provide?

Excellent Service and Results

Optimum Dealer Services takes the time to meet, interview, and determine if a vendor is right for the dealer members we serve. With an array of products and services, from F&I Income Development, to payment processing, to oil and chemicals, Optimum chooses only premium partners and negotiates a competitive price for our members.

Why Choose Us?

Here's Why:

Optimum Dealer Services’ number one goal is to serve our dealer members. We are here to do the legwork for you, so you can do what’s important: run your dealership. We are looking out for you, and using our time to research top companies in the market. We only provide the best partners. When you meet with Optimum, you are meeting with an extension of your dealership.